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Jan 20, 2004

yipeedeedoodah yipadeeday! dis so gay. i dunno how didi writes so much....geez. anyhow [man i dunno hu i'm toking to here] well, to all u out there reading this stupid blog. i tell u ur wasting ur time! :p jk i'm cold and sick and fiesty u wanna try me? [random] oh yeh this is me on a gud day...
i dun wanna go back to schooooooooooool...i want holidays for the rest ov my life >.< its quite doity here so i wuldn't wanna stay for too long.
what i've dun in china:
>went shanghai visited wai tan at nite.....its tru its da bootifulest. btw tony if u read dis b4 u leave sh go take more fotos of wai tan at nite for me. mine turned out blurry and i'll just superimpose myself onto it. nowun wuld know ;)
>went suzhou...cold and old
>came to fuzhou
>had many hairwashes....nyum soooo nice....ok dey take u....massage ur hed and den wash it den while da condithna's in dey massage sum more....den dey give ya back and arm massage and finally blowdry....all for 15 chinese buckaroooS! labour. and it wasn't even a dodgy place it was CLEAN! [yeh hard to find here]
>went xiamen....sailed into taiwan for an hour.....I WAS IN THE SAME COUNTRY AS JAY FOR AN HOUR! YIPEEEEE lol ok dat was just a tad gay hehehe
>omg dere's jay everywhere here....nyum tasteeee. i'm afraid i have been aznisd. but not completely. i a) dun wear a pile of makeup eurgh b) dun wear hi white boots and short skirt in winter c) dun jump up and down squeeling YEH! wif peacesign >.< d) have my original black hair colour. so yeh i'm still pretty much normal.
>starting to get the hang of tv here. desperately searching for english channels hehehe the ads are pretty gud themselves. pan wei bo: my next target afta jay :P jk but he is quite spunki ^.^
>straitened hair [eurgh dun wanna tok about it....stupid hairdresser. u'll all c for urselfz]
>i gotta new fone! 6100!!!!!! [yipeee] :D:D:D:D
time in net cafe running out....
{NO!} ok den. i shudDup now

Posted at 01:57 pm by bumkin
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Jan 7, 2004
in china

what the hell is this?
wat am i meanta do wif dis....i think i'll check out tony's

>> ok ok i rite and ppl read it rite...?
anyhow.....bin in china for 2 weeks now!!! doesn't feel like dat long....
shanghai was gud fun :D but too cold...i had to borrow clothes and i looked like such a round ball....quite amazed at how sum chicks culd still wear skirts...must be used to the cold...
tasted shanghai's famous xiao long bao' many snacky places....*whines* GONNA GET SO FAT - GONNA GET SO FAT - sing i wif me - GONNA GET SO FAT!
went suzhou....rickety train...just a load of old buildings and stone thingomabobs...had lotsa fun wif digital camera there. :)

soz gotta leave it there msn just downloaded....881!!!! :D

Posted at 05:43 pm by bumkin
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